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Jeeves offers a great number of features to enhance your Warcraft community.


Quickly and Easily lookup players and guilds in a wowprogress-like lookup and get quick info about them.

World Info

Get info about whats happening in Azeroth today. Affixes, World Boss, Invasions, Archeology, Karazhan and more!

Trivia Bot

Jeeves resurrects the old school trivia bot addon with modern improvements. Have a fun Trivia Night with your guild!

Keystone System

Jeeves offers a advanced easy to use keystone system. With support for multiple toons and rotational affixes

Warcraft Feeds

Subscribe to feeds to get Mythic World Frist, Keystone Reset and more announcements LIVE.


The creators of jeeves love using [Cross Gambling] in raids and loosing thousands. Now with gambling in discord!

Audio System

Jeeves provides a full suite audio player. Support for youtube & soundcloud, playlists and more.

Highly Customizable

Jeeves offers many, many ways to customize its behaviour and features. You can tweak jeeves to be the perfect fit for your server.

Frequent Updates & Support

Jeeves is a ongoing project with frequent updates and a great support server to get quick help to all your questions & ideas.


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People who use Jeeves

Jeeves is proud to be a part great communities!


Jeeves is built by passionate Warcraft Community members seeking to make the experiance for fellow players just a little bit better.


Trained Monkey

Creator of Jeeves - Never gets a break.


Community Coordinator

Social Media Guru - Polite Person

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Software Developer

Jeeves is always looking for epic people to help make jeeves epic!

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Jeeves is always looking for epic people to help make jeeves epic!