Setup command

The setup command is the main command used when configuring options with Jeeves.

This command has two mods: Guided and Targeted.

Guided setup is triggered by simply running !setup, which provides you a prompt based intro and explanation of the most basic settings. !setup is recommended for all first-time fresh installs of Jeeves.

Targeted setup allows you to quickly change a given setting. For example, if you wished to change the prefix that Jeeves responds to you could target that setting with !setup prefix.

Expanding on the previous targeted setup explanation. You can further choose to either run !setup prefix in which you will be shown a brief into and explanation of that setting and then prompted to change / clear it, OR you can run !setup prefix ? to directly change the prefix without the prompts.

Below are a list of available setup settings

`!setup` - Enter Guided Setup
`!setup prefix` - Prefix Configuration
`!setup realm` - Realm Configuration
`!setup audio-mode` - Audio Mode Configuration
`!setup bot-channel` - Bot Channel Configuration
`!setup audio-channel` - Music Channel Configuration
`!setup RoleManager` - Automatic Role Management Options + custom roles
`!setup role-channel` - Reaction based role channel configuration
`!setup lookup-mode` - Sets the default view/info displayed when running a character lookup

Aliases: setup

Available in DM: No

Can Restrict to a channel: Yes

Global Support: Yes